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Event Vesta automates the local promotion of your events saving you hours of work per event and getting your events in front of tens of thousands of locals and visitors.All for less than the price of an Intern or Facebook Ads.

What's Event Vesta?

An Online Platform and Promotional Network focused on driving more attendees to local events.For a tiny fraction of the price it would cost you to pay someone to do it manually, Event Vesta will promote your event to all of the top online platforms and local websites in Omaha!

The Best Solution for Promoting Local Events

1) Create An Event

Posting events is as simple as filling out our step-by-step form, which requests information about your event such as the event's name, description, location, date/time, and a photo, among a few other pieces of info that will help ensure that interested event attendees find out about your event.

2) Promote It

With the click of a button, Event Vesta will repost your event everywhere it needs to be online. This includes making your event show up in Google search when searching things to do in Omaha. Additionally, we post to every event calendar for the most followed local websites such as The Omaha World Herald, Visit Omaha, The Chamber of Commerce, Omaha Magazine, The Reader, and many more!

3) Rest Assured

Save hours of time for each event, while knowing with certainty that your event listing has been created and posted everywhere that it needs to be. You can also use Event Vesta to monitor RSVPs, track event attendance, and send mass emails to attendees, before, during, or after the event!

Do Customers Love It?

Yes! Check out what they're saying:

Nicole, Omaha Lit Fest

"Using Vesta's promotional hub was incredibly easy and as a volunteer driven event this allowed us to get more coverage than we normally could.I added my event once to Vesta and saw it show up across the city, high on Google search AND got a shout out in the local paper because Vesta re-promoted it for us.10 out of 10 we'd recommend signing up! "

Alan, Old Market Association

"As the most recognized entertainment district in town, we have no problem finding ways to get the word out about our event.What we don't have, is time to do all of them since we are a volunteer organization.That's why Vesta's perfect. It saves hours of promotion per event, allowing us to work on new ideas we need to focus on."

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I'm already posting to these websites?

Be nicer to yourself! Event Vesta will save you hours of tedious work copying and pasting to multiple calendars - all with the click of one button.It's like having the world most affordable intern that is happy to just work for a few hours each time you hos an event.

Why should I start posting to these calendars?

There's about 200,000 reasons! As the websites and community calendars we're sharing your event to have around that many unique visitors monthly.

If you want to learn more about how our Promotional Hub can start getting you new attendees, shoot us an email at:!

Our Pricing

Who's Building Vesta?

We're an Omaha based company excited to get more locals out in the community and to help local businesses and organizations increase their attendance! If you want to meet our team or talk about what its like building a startup in Omaha - shoot us an email at: